1001 Advertising Tips

1001 Advertising Tips explains what works and what doesn’t in advertising. Written in how-to terms, this bookis a step-by-step guide to create advertising that sells.

Using dozens of examples of advertising campaigns and marketing strategies, it offers you the insight, tools and techniques you need to market any product or service. The book covers:

— the types of words that persuade
— the images that grab consumers’ attention
— how to write copy that sells
— the colours that optimize your message
— the kinds of headlines that get the best results
— ways of making your advertising more credible
— the number of repetitions needed to sell your product
— how to launch promotions that really work
— the kinds of slogans are the most effective
— the types of layout that best attract attention
— when to use comparative advertising, humour and sex
— the importance of positioning your product or service
— when to use testimonials and endorsements
— why the choice of typeface is so important
— what to think about sponsorship and product placement
— the impact of zapping on TV ads
— the power of corporate and brand logos
— the choice of a product name

Each chapter is a well-researched mix of scientific knowledge and concrete examples. Sources include Advertising Age, Adweek, Harvard Business Review, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Many of the names will be familiar, such as Ogilvy, Caples, Bly and Hopkins, but other lesser-known figures are also cited.

The writing is direct and the book design is spacious, with lots of subheads. 1001 Advertising Tips contains a collection of the most effective ads dominating the market in the past ten years.

Whether you use print, billboard, television or radio advertising, this book offers proven strategies. It outlines everything you need to know to create advertisements that will make your sales soar, regardless of your budget.

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